1. jockeyboydfw:

    what’s inside your jockeys?

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  2. jockeyboydfw:

    joshua submits this nice pic of his jockey-covered butt (with a glimpse of side seams).  Hope we get to see more soon!

  3. white-briefs-lover:

    What a cool college boy. Yes, he should show his tighty whities!

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  4. jockeyboydfw:

    hottie wstmaniac showing morning wood in white low-rise jockeys

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  5. jockeyboydfw:

    start of a bone trapped in low-rise jockeys

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  6. jockeyboydfw:

    a little fun in y-fronts for these two guys

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  7. jockeyboydfw:

    wow, joshua’s butt pic was sure popular.  He’s submitted this pic of his other side ;)

  9. jockeyboydfw:

    hot trimmed dude in vintage jockey low-rise

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  10. briefs6335:

    Nice fitting jockeys

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