1. hotfamous-men:

    Simon Baker

  2. jockeyboydfw:

    guitar boy in vintage jockey mesh

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  3. brieflyspeaking:

    This how I spend the summer evenings.  Thanks to http://hairysockman.tumblr.com/ for a top submission.

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  4. randomy-fronts:


    there’s just something about seeing that y-front and side seams on a hot boy…

    Always worth re-posting!

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  5. wellcoached:

    Auditioning for a spot on coach’s team…

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  6. jockeyboydfw:

    do you wear a cockring under your jockeys?

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  7. jockeyboydfw:

    what’s inside your jockeys?

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  8. jockeyboydfw:

    a collection of jockeys outside

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  9. jockeyboydfw:

    jockey catalog pic

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    another bad boy in boy-size jockey briefs getting the spoon from dad

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