1. hairysockman:

    I wear y-fronts - what’s inside your fly?

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  2. jockeyboydfw:

    still hot and worth a repost

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  4. briefshots:

    Guess what…Remember those locker room briefs from a few weeks ago?
    I put them on and took pics. The front looks great, the back not so much. I’m not sure if I should blame the briefs or my ass.

    Jockey Briefs - 30

    What do you think?

  5. briefshots:

    I thought the front looked well, so I took a solo shot of just the front and cropped it.

    Jockey Briefs - 30

    These are a bit smaller than my regular size, but they don’t feel like it. I’ve been wearing them all day with no issues.
    Do they look like the right size?

  6. briefshots:

    Nice briefs, they match the tie.

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  7. myunderpants4321:

    yfronts…soft and butthuggin…now time to stain em …lol

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  8. retrosofa:

    Okay so his hair looks funny but this picture still makes me happy.

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  10. briefs6335:

    Vintage jockey y fronts for me today

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